Tournament Rules

Rules include this page, articles in this brochure, and updates distributed and posted on-site, mailed, and/or emailed.

1. Playing Rules – Rules of the AGENT ONG OPEN stated herein will govern all participants. USBC rules may apply at an AGENT ONG OPEN Director’s discretion. A one lane courtesy will be observed.

2. Persons Under 18 Years of Age shall have a signed parental consent form. Bowler’s age is calculated as of the AGENT ONG OPEN start date. All prize payouts for youth bowlers will be made through the USBC Smart Scholarship program. SMART Account Number – 14277

3. Handicap Eligibility – AGENT ONG OPEN is open to any USBC sanctioned bowler:

a) 209 & Under Average receives 7 pins per game.

b) Seniors 55 and over or women with an average of 210 and over receives 5 pins per game.

c) 210 & Over receive zero (0) pins per game.

d) PBA/PWBA Member, National and/or Regional PBA/PWBA Title Holder, and/any National/International Team Member receives zero (0) pins per game unless the bowler is 60 years of age or older.

All bowlers must sign an eligibility affidavit. If the bowler is later deemed ineligible, bowler must forfeit/repay any prize money won.


4. Bowling Balls must be USBC Approved for tournament play. USBC Approved balls are allowed on or after their world-wide release date. The surface of any ball may not be altered after each squad begins.

5. Qualifying and Finals Rounds will be in one division. Bowlers will bowl 6 games of qualifying. Pins do not carry over to any advancing round.

a) Cut scores are 1 in 5 of paid entries.

Ties for last qualifying spot from all main event squads excluding Desperado squad will advance to Cashers Round.

b) If there is a tie for the 24th spot in Cashers Round, bowlers will participate in a 9th and 10th frame roll off – repeating until there is a winner.

6. Desperado Squad bowlers must have bowled a minimum of two main event squads to participate. Desperado Squad cut is 1 in 8 paid entries.

7. It is the Bowler’s Responsibility to Verify Making the Cut. Qualifying board is frozen after all Main Event Qualifying Squads are completed. Official Cut Score is determined after conclusion of Saturday, 6PM Squad. Absent bowlers receive a zero for frames missed and forfeit match after all bowlers on the pair finish the 3rd frame.

8. Finals Attire – All participants must wear a shirt and casual slacks, trousers or jeans. Traditional collared shirts, mock-collared shirts and collarless bowling jerseys all are permitted. No jeans, shorts, cargo pants, or hats will be allowed. Skorts and skirts are approved for women. No ear buds or headphones will be allowed without prior permission of a Director. This dress code only applies to the AGENT ONG OPEN Sunday Finals.

9. Event cancellation caused by any reason including but not limited to an Act of God, war, catastrophe, government order, etc. will result in the return of any unused entry fees.

10. Decision(s) of the Tournament Director(s) shall be Final. Decisions including but not limited to eligibility of players, equipment, conduct, and/or any other factors that may lead to a player’s disqualification, re-rating of average, and/or refusal of entry before, during, and/or after the tournament are final and binding. There shall be no liability on the part of the AGENT ONG OPEN, Complete Bowling Events, and/or Directors to any sponsor and/or entrant.

11. All Bowlers Must Pay in Full for Prior to Bowling.  Their designated squad. Refunds requests will be assessed a 5% service fee if requested less than 30 days before the AGENT ONG OPEN start date.

12. AGENT ONG OPEN and Complete Bowling Events are not responsible for typographical errors made in the brochure and/or at the tournament.

Participant’s Agreement: I read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the AGENT ONG OPEN Tournament and Complete Bowling Events rules and agree I am eligible to compete.